About us

 BEOTAPE company was founded in 2000 in Belgrade, as a handicraft workshop in a small manufacturing space with only one worker, whose main activity was processing of self-adhesive tapes.

Since its beginning, the BEOTAPE has been specialized in rewinding of masking tapes of reputable European producers.   

In a meantime product range was expanded by introducing various types of self-adhesive tapes, BEOTAPE also expanded the number of suppliers not only from Europe but also from Asia.

At the same time the production capacity has continuously expanded by constructing new office buildings and installing new production machines. 

Thanks to applying of modern and automated technology, BEOTAPE has grown into a market leader in the selling of masking tapes, not only in Serbia but also in the region.

Company is always able to deliver high quality and competitive products, all in accordance with the requirements of customers.